Offline Day 2019 – Might make this into a zine? 3:52 PM, Aug 1 2019 – Writing this still at work. At sundown today these devices are going into a box under the bed: Laptop x2 Tablet 3ds x2 DS Lite iPod Classic DSLR Applesmart Dana Devices that are staying out: Kindle Paperwhite (reading is good for […]

Less discussed but completely valid reasons to use a disposable plastic straw

1. Sensory reasons. Personally there are some types of reusable straw I can use, but others are utter sensory hell. Drinking without a straw hurts my teeth. None of them are as good sensory-wise for me as a disposable plastic straw. If I’m already overloaded I’m going to grab the disposable straw. It would be the […]