I want to come back to Neocities, but as the bulk of the content on this site was from the initial quarantine period in 2020 it was a lot of bad memories; I didn't feel like building on that. I wanted to wipe the site and start over, but I don't like the idea of just totally deleting stuff from the web unnecessarily. The old site lives on at iridesceold. Some links don't work atm but I plan to fix them.

I know the site looks kind of plain and ugly, especially on mobile, and the real reason for that is I just don't care to learn how to make it look nicer. I learned HTML from the Neopets HTML Guide when it was already a decade out of date. Maybe I will at some point, maybe I won't. I have limited energy to dedicate to this project and I'd rather focus on adding content. It also feels more true to a certain era I'm trying to pay homage to. Having to zoom and scroll uphill both ways is reminiscent of my days browsing the web on the first generation iPod Touch (the one with no camera or even a microphone, one app running at a time. Almost no websites had a mobile version in 2008).